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"I have had years of neck and back pain due to a history of car accidents and sports injuries. I can honestly say that I have not felt this consistently good in years! Lori is a true professional - it amazes me how knowledgeable she is about effective ways of relieving muscle and joint pain. I have worked with a number of massage therapists over the years and Lori is the best! She consistently asks about new spots of tension or pain, and/or new activities that might have impacted the way I feel, so she can provide the best overall treatment.

As I said, I have been to many massage therapists at spas, chiropractic clinics and those strip mall type massage places. Nothing is more frustrating than paying for a massage that leaves you feeling worse, more tense or simply like you didn't get what you came in for. That will never be a worry if you choose Lori for your massage treatment."

Alicia – St. Paul, MN

"I have been extremely pleased with Lori's massage therapy practice, have become a regular client, and have already recommended her to many friends. Lori is always professional and compassionate. She has gone above and beyond to research my health issues and has sought out new techniques that may help with my condition. I have found massage therapy sessions with Lori to be very helpful in promoting my health, healing, and well-being."

Melissa H. – Minneapolis, MN

“I was very excited to find Lori. My previous therapist moved out of the city and I have been looking for a good replacement. I HATE to pay for that first massage and find out the therapist isn't good. I have been a long-time client of Lori. She listens to what my issues are and works on my problems but is also very intuitive, finding areas I wasn't even aware of. She is comfortable to work with. I have experienced great progress while I've been seeing her.”

Carmen M. – Roseville, MN

"I have been a client of Lori’s for several months and am highly satisfied with her rehab massage work. For several years I had experienced chronic upper back, shoulder, and neck pain that significantly restricted every day activities. Although the reasons for this pain seem to be stress, lots of computer work, and perhaps injuries from a car accident several years ago, the rehab massages have significantly reduced my pain. The gradual relief from chronic pain shows in my clearer eyes and has allowed me to feel happiness again.

Prior to seeing Lori, I had gone to my doctor, seen a neurologist, had several MRIs, seen several other massage therapists, seen a physical therapist – and none of them helped... This changed, however, when I started seeing Lori and I am so grateful for her careful listening, thoughtful approach, identifying the areas that need to be covered, and trying various methods to treat the problem areas.

I recommend Lori to anyone who is experiencing pain, stiffness, injury or just wants a relaxing massage. I am now finally making improvement after three plus years of fairly constant pain."

Donna W. – Roseville, MN

"I saw Lori for massages about once a mouth during my pregnancy and the massage’s she gave were the most relaxing. After the massage those little aches and pains of pregnancy were gone. As my pregnancy progressed, I experienced extreme sciatica pain to the point I was on crutches for the last two 2 weeks of my pregnancy and the massages Lori gave really relieved my pain to the point where I could walk without crutches for a few days. The best thing about seeing Lori for massage during my pregnancy was that she listened to where my aches and pains were and then worked on those areas. Every pregnancy is different and you need someone who is both skilled and listens to where you need the relief and relaxation."

Amy G. – Robbinsdale, MN

"Since being hurt in a car accident about 15 years ago, I’ve been to a lot of chiropractors and massagers. After my trips to Lone Oak, I finally feel that, instead of temporary relief, things are actually healing. One of the big differences seems to be great communication before, during, and after the massage."

Donovan H. – St. Paul, MN

"I was having terrible trouble with my knee. Excruciating pain and I was having a hard time walking. After 2-3 sessions with Lori, I have been experiencing little or no pain. I believe if this wouldn't have worked I would have had to get a knee replacement. I also believe the massage has been so beneficial over all, I have a bi-weekly standing appointment with Lori. I have given gifts of massage to my daughter and son-in-law and they really appreciate it, especially after a marathon."

Cecilia P. – Maple Grove, MN

"When I first came to see Lori, I had a numbness and pain in my mid-back that I had been struggling with for over a year. It was gone within a few sessions! I really wish I had called earlier instead of waiting to see if it would just go away.

I am always amazed by her ability to find small, deep, specific muscles that are at the root of my problems. She is responsive to anything you bring to her, and often has helpful tips for me, like different stretches or exercises to try.

Above all she has a presence of kindness and integrity, I always feel so comforted after an hour with Lori! I was always wary to find someone to work with in case I didn't like them, but am SO GLAD I found Lori!"

Brooke P. – St. Paul, MN

"Lori provided me with prenatal massage, support throughout my pregnacy, and much needed post-natal massage. She was great! She's a professional, a great listener, and a very kind person. She is very good at attending to exactly what you need.

Lori gave unwavering emotional and physical support to my husband and I throughout my labor and my son's birth. She was a strong and respectful advocate, and I would recommend her any day."

Geri H. – Minneapolis, MN

"My stress knots have been given over to massage therapists in the past. While those experiences were relaxing, I never actually had the experience of those knots completely disappearing. Lori got in to my knots, and they were completely gone by the time I left. The massage I got from Lori was the best one I've gotten for my money."

Amy E. – St. Paul, MN

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